About Wandering ExPat

Ugh, the awkward “About Me” Page. The place where I talk up myself to seem important and someone you want to hear the opinion of.

I am going to take this page to tell you a bit of myself, and a bit about my philosophy in life. the tl;dr version is that I am a  Gay American guy in his mid 30’s who lives in a sleepy corner of the world.

Now, lets unpack that a bit.

I grew up in the American Heartland in the 80’s and 90’s. Small town (~1600 people), lots of corn and soy beans. I grew up going to Church occasionally, and also have a thirst to travel and see new things.  In College, I came out of the closet, became involved in politics at the college level, but also found a lot out about myself.

After College, I packed up my life and moved to Washington DC, where I cultivated my interests in politics, current events, and history. Though various jobs in DC, I was able to travel the US, and eventually the world. Then after a while, I felt the need to live outside the US, and so I did. Moving to Australia.

Along the way, I met my now Husband, and got married three years ago. Then about 2.5 years ago, I moved to my new home in New Zealand, where I am today.

Throughout my adventures in the US and around the world, I have changed my perspective of the world. I try hard to listen to others and be thoughtful in my replies. While I have always been an activist, I have always been a pragmatic activist, and always bristle at extremism. I tend to be cautious and critical of the status quo, but extreme change also worries me.

Through it all, I have kept an intense curiosity of the world around me, different culture, different perspectives, current events and our place in history. All of that rattles in my mind as I write on my blog. I also try to put myself into perspective, trying to take the long-view of things in my personal life, and trying to see what is best for me and those in my life. Sure, some of it will be silly, but my earnestness is likely one of my chief traits (for good or for ill).

So, that is why I am writing this blog. To throw my opinion out there, to report, to put into perspective, and to try and be that voice when people are losing their perspective. We shall see if it works.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully it wasn’t too cringe.