An Open letter to the Victims of America’s next Mass Casualty Event

A moment of silence for the victims of America’s next Mass Casualty Event.

. . .

I don’t know where it will happen. Maybe it will happen in a big city, like Atlanta, or Denver. Perhaps, it will be a smaller city like Boise, Idaho or Columbus, Ohio or maybe it will be in a place like Christmas, Indiana or in Camden, Maine.

Perhaps it will happen in your town, who knows. It could happen to you, or your family.

It may happen next week, or next month, or 6 months from now, but knowing the US, we will have another one sooner, rather than later.

The gunman (and it will 99% be a man), while I don’t know his race, or ethnicity, or his religion, will use the laws of America to easily get the tools he needs to carry out his terrible plans. Pundits like Bill O’Reilly will claim that these deaths are “the price of Freedom” and that we as Americans must accept that this is what Freedom looks like. Decrying those who seek to change the laws in our country to make people safer.

Meanwhile, we will hear politicians stoically come to the podium to denounce such evil and tell us that “Now is not the time to politicise this tragedy

So, let’s talk about it now.

Since Columbine in 1999, (and truly we could look back to 1966 to the University of Texas incident where a man took to the University’s tower and sniper attacked people) we have heard the constant refrain of “Today isn’t the day to have a debate on guns” by our elected officials.  The US has steadfastly ignored these incidents, each time deflecting and obfuscating the event with more and more fervour. People will argue passionately about Mental health if the shooter was white (or Asian, as the case in the Virginia Tech Massacre). We will talk about gang and racial violence if the shooter happens to be black. We will argue relentlessness about immigration if the shooter is Hispanic, and of course, the dark spectre of Terrorism if the shooter appears to be middle eastern or Muslim in any way.

We will argue, people will try and shut down debate, and after a few days, the debate will indeed shut down. From there, the families of the victims of the next Mass Casualty Event will mourn, trying to pick up the pieces of their lives, trying to make sense how their country has failed them, as they have failed thousands of other Mass Casualty Victims in the past.

We will see people passionately talking about reform and change, yet fall on deaf ears, because to politicize a tragedy that is more than a week old borders on obsession, the topic is too depressing to talk about after the fact. Think of the families of the people who were lost is hard, sometimes too hard to see day after day. We will see Victims, widows, and family members plead to a Government to change the laws. And that government, run by those who rely on gun lobbyist money to maintain their control in government, will do nothing, saying that “This is not the time to politicize a tragedy.”

We will see the victims of these Mass Casualty events treated poorly by pundits and conspiracy theorists, calling them actors, and call the event False Flag in order to take guns away from people. Meanwhile, debate dies, because people are too tired to listen, too numb to care, and… After 20 years of the same process, will resign themselves to the fact that this is everyday life.

The next election cycle, politicians, funded by the lobbyist who wants to keep the status quo, will tell us that Gun Control is against law enforcement, That Gun Control will lead to more terror and crime, That gun control is against the Constitution, because if they don’t, they lose money, and if they lose money, they lose their seat.

And the cycle continues.

People are dying because politicians want to keep in power, and the only way to do that is to be funded by people who want to maintain the right to Murder.

When we talk about gun control, we are not talking about taking away the right to own a weapon. We are talking about whether a man has a right to murder another person indiscriminately with weapons meant only to kill others in the most efficient way possible. When you hear “This is the Price of Freedom” you should hear, “This is the price of corruption” because there is nothing free about death. There is nothing “free” about dying at a concert, or at school, or in a mall, or at a Nightclub. When people sacrifice their lives for “freedom” it is in defence of their nation, not partaking in everyday life. The only freedom pundits are talking about in this situation is the freedom to murder.

The gun debate is toxic, and it is full of traps meant to stop progress from happening. Around the world, when events like these happen in the past, governments passed laws to restrict the freedom to murder indiscriminately. From Australia to the UK, to New Zealand when situations like our future Massacre occurred, they changed the laws to protect their citizens from a repeat. And those laws have *worked.* and we do not see the same frequency and escalation of murder in those countries.

This is not a debate about owning a gun. This is a debate about how easy we make it for people to kill.

Sure we can talk about Mental Health, sure we can talk about Toxic masculinity and the radicalisation of men in America. We can absolutely talk about these issues in regards to the escalation of these attacks. However, with a complacent and willful political party to allow nothing to be done, they are complicit in our future Mass Casualty Events. They will say touching words, yet do nothing except accept collect their next paycheck to keep the status quo.

When the next Mass Casualty Event happens, and it affects you, or the ones you love. Know that their deaths were not in vain. Their deaths help gun manufacturers make bigger profits, which leads to more donations to lobbyists, who pay the politicians to tell you that “There is something we can do. We can offer comfort to someone near us who is suffering or heavy laden, and we can mourn with those who mourn…

And then proceed to do nothing.

My deepest condolences to the future victims and family of the next Mass Casualty Event. I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

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