The Hillary Trail: Week 2 – Planning

So, with week one under my belt, I am taking stock of the after effects. The walk took a lot out of me, and on Saturday, I actually ended up eating two full meals, which is a first since the surgery. My body reacted pretty strongly to that as well. I dropped in weight, but then bounced around. I feel alright, however, and today my weight has settled to about a kilo and a half less than last week, which is kinda nice.

The weather on Saturday was “meh” in that I did have periods of rain, and that led to quite a bit of mud. That makes me a little hesitant to try this weekend, but on the other hand, I will likely deal with rain while on the Hillary, so it is best to accept that. And it is spring in New Zealand

The weather this week is… not good… Wednesday to Friday it looks like it is going to rain… a lot. It should clear up Friday afternoon, and it will just be cloudy on Saturday. So the plan is hope for dry weather, plan for wet and muddy again.

But, that being said, I think I have found a pretty easy tramp that is also pretty. The Fairy Falls Track, which will connect to the Old Coach Road Track to form a loop. It is about a 2-hour walk and it is 5.8 km. It is in the same area as my last walk so I will get to learn a bit more about the area. I am truly digging the Waitakere area.

Oh! one last thing! It looks like I will be doing an Overnight camping trip in October over Labour Day Weekend! I will be plotting my course, but I will be taking suggestions on where. I prefer the Waitakeres as I want to get used them, but I am really wanting to find a pretty place to go. Something on the coast, or high with a view.

I will let you know how it goes!

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