How I fight back

For days now, I have sat and pondered on the happenings of Charlottesville. Watching the news unfold was harrowing. These are images and videos that people in 20 years will look back on in disgust and further generations will look back as a cautionary tale, or a dark harbinger to come. The fallout, and the leadership disaster that is Donald Trump has truly upended the entire country and the world. This is beyond “not normal.”

The whole episode has me deeply conflicted. I know well the history of fascism and its toxic effects. I have read and studied about the Nazis and they above everything else in our culture is known as the “true evil.” 60 million people died fighting that ideology. I also know the pervasiveness of Racism in the US. I know there was a KKK presence in the area I grew up. And on my last trip to West Central Illinois, we ended up in a town (briefly) with more Confederate Flags waving than American.  I know that there are people I went to school with who would march with those in Charlottesville with the White Nationalists.

Its one of the biggest reasons I left the area.

I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like arguments, and I don’t like fighting. I hate causing harm, and I get upset when people are under duress. I also have a deep faith that people are intrinsically good, and I do my best to never harm or be hurtful to others, even if they are not the nicest to me.  I believe that with time, patience, love, tolerance, and respect, you can reach almost anyone, and you can change any mind. I know that sounds like such a fairy tale, even in the face of such hate and ugliness. It sounds naive and childish and irresponsible. It sounds principled and righteous, and it sounds like something Ned Stark would say as he is about to be beheaded by the King.

Events like this is what tests me the most in my beliefs, and how they threaten my resolve in what I find good in the world. I want to talk this out, but people online have their pitchforks out and Doxxing fingers ready, people in real life have tear gas and mace, clubs and guns. I am frustrated and angry, but I don’t see violence as the only answer. I hope this can be won with words, and not violence. I don’t want to give in and leave our generation with more a burden to bear moving forward.

I understand that violence may be the only answer, I just hope it is not too late to try something else.

In the face of Trump, the President, the man that I cannot speak to, or convince, or have any agency to sway… what can I do? I, sitting in a small South Pacific Island, a single voice in a cacophony of angry… what can I do? So far away, so helpless to join protests, unable to do *anything…*

I sit here, and I’ve pondered. I don’t Dox. I do not crusade online. I talk with people, I try and give them my perspective, and hope it has an effect.

And… I vote.

It is time for every person who rejects this toxicity to push back and register to vote. This is more than about Politics. This is something we will have to fight for a *long* time. We need to be pragmatic and clear-eyed and focused. While Violence will not stop, and may escalate and become something worse, we must work on a way to avoid prolonging this national nightmare.

We need more people to vote.

We need to remove the forces that enabled this situation. Words are no longer enough from the Republican Party on this. It is now time to act. We have a White Nationalist Sympathiser as President, and our best chance to remove him, without violence, is to Impeach him now, or else, we will need to fire the people who are protecting him.

Overcoming a Gerrymandered District is easy: You get more people to vote. You register people who haven’t engaged before, and you get them to vote. Gerrymandering relies on people doing the same thing every time. People who vote will vote, and the people who don’t still won’t. Vote, get others to vote, and you will win. It is *hard* because of apathy, after this weekend, I think there are a lot less apathetic people out there.

We need to begin engaging people now and get them registered. It is easy, and I will make it easier for you!

Here is a clearinghouse website to register to vote. In 31 states, you can register to vote online. Otherwise, you can download and fill out the forms needed to qualify. also, make sure your voting Registration is up to date.

For overseas voters we need to do this too. We need to help out.

Two states this autumn will have Governor’s races: Virginia, where all of the events this weekend happened, and New Jersey, where outgoing Governor Christie has a lower approval rating than Donald Trump. If you are in those states, be sure to register to Vote, and Vote.

These, and all the Governors and state Legislature Races the following two years, are critical, for your States will redraw your districts in 2020, and if you want to have a more fair country, you need fairer districts.

Next year is the Congressional and Senate Races. This is what will likely determine if Trump makes it to 2020, barring any insane things he does before then… which… who knows, or the GOP grows a spine… which… I am not getting my hopes up. Again, Register and push others to vote. The more people who vote, the less power people have to enable Trump and White Nationalists.

In the absence of Leadership to remove a toxic threat in our government, we need to mobilise and vote them out so that we can end this ongoing disaster. We are not the laughingstock of the world. We have become that increasingly unhinged psychopath with a chip on his shoulder and a lot of guns, and everyone is eyeing and shifting the exits.

This is how I will fight. I will talk, I will educate, and I will use the best weapon I have… my ballot.

Help me. Help us. Help the Country. This is more than about politics. Register to Vote and Vote.


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