Food Pressure

So, after running a couple of errands. I spied a German Bakery. One of the things I have wanted to try are Bratwursts, so I park, go in, and see they have Brats (which is fairly rare in New Zealand, at least the types of bratwurst I am used to), I order two of them, and then I ask if I can just have the Sausage, and not the bun.
The woman did a double take.
Me: *interjecting quickly*  I know it is a bit weird request to have, but I can’t really have any bread, so I will just have the sausage.
Woman: “Why can’t you have a bun?”
Me: “Oh, well, I just can’t eat bread, that’s all.”
Woman: “How about a salad?”
Me *If I wanted a salad, I would have asked for a salad* “Nope, just the sausage is great.”
Woman: “Are you sure, you don’t want bread?”
Me: “I can’t have bread, I would love a Pretzel sometime, *points to rows of pretzels in the shop*, but it is just something I can’t eat anymore, the sausage only is great, please.”
Woman: “Oh, that is so sad! No bread.”
Me: **cheerful but also slightly annoyed**, “LOL, you’re reaction is why I don’t eat out much!”
Woman:” Oh! I’m sorry, it’s just dreadful to think of life without bread!”
Me: “It’s not hard really…”
She then went around to tell seemingly everyone working in the shop that I wanted a Bratwurst without bread, and what should they do about this? What container should we put it in? He says he can’t have any bread!
Eventually, they gave me my Bratwursts, which btw, were pretty good! They are better than any other few Brats I have had in NZ, though I still rank Germany, US, and Stand a Snag in Australia as better. She was very cheerful, but in that sort of “oh, I feel sad for you” sort of cheerful. I take the note and head out quickly.
It is interesting how food plays into expectations so much. I have heard other bariatric people talk about how wait staff can sometimes be quite aggressive or shocked if you are not eating a lot, or drinking a lot, but this is the first time I really came up against a server reacting hugely to my lack of eating something.
It makes me not want to go back. I mean, sure I could Grab the bun and throw it out, but that is wasteful, and could be used for someone else. But I’d rather not have that reaction to plow through every time I order. And while the woman was nice enough, it was also attention grabbing as several people became involved in the end. With Bread products being such a major way to hold, use, and transport food, not having it does feel odd. However, I am now almost 4 months without bread, and I find it is not something I really miss, so I really don’t mind it, unless other people bring it up.

It is definitely one of those things that I will need to get used to. 


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