A Setback and progress.

It has been an interesting week for “The Journey” there was a big setback but also progress, so it is best to talk about both of these.

First, the setback.

A few weeks ago, I decided to set a new challenge goal for myself: walking the Milford Track. It is something I have wanted to do for years, and with the surgery and everything, I wanted to conquer the walk. (well, maybe not conquer, but at least finish). Space on Milford Track is limited, in order to keep the trail naturery and safe. They opened the dates to sign up last Wednesday, and dutifully I was online and ready to go and get those tickets.

Things did not go according to plan.

The site went down almost immediately (typical), and I had to try in vain to get in. At one point, I was signing onto what I wanted, and the connection dropped, forcing me to start over. Over the next 25 minutes, I continued to try and get on the site.

Then, worked beckoned. I was being pulled into an impromptu meeting, and it ran until a scheduled meeting I needed to have. By lunchtime, by the time I was able to access the site, I found that the two date ranges I wanted were fully booked, and it meant that I couldn’t go this year.

To say I was angry would be an understatement.

With so much planned for the next 18 months, the only time I could make to get to Milford were these two weeks, and it fell through. I am a bit despondent. Husband said that I could do another Great Walk, and then to Milford later, but… my heart was set on Milford, and doing a longer, more strenuous walk, and then Milford… would be a let down.

I could still do the Milford Track, and stay in Lodges… but… that is like 2k per person (or nearly 700 a night), and while it would be great to be in a lodge, I can’t justify that amount of cost. That would be a round-trip ticket to the US, or to Europe. (I was going to stay in cheap huts)

So, now I need a new challenge, something physical, something naturesque, and something that will push me emotionally and physically… that isn’t a walk in the bush. I’ve done Tough Mudder, I don’t want to do a marathon/run. I wanted to do something where I can go, take pictures, and have that epic moment.

So things I need to think about.

So, the Progress. After the second (or was it third) Plateau, I have been steadily losing weight. My walking regimen has been steady (5-6 days a week depending on the weather), and today, I hit 120kgs/265 pounds. marking 48 kgs lost since January. This was my secondary major “soft goal” weight wise, the first being set at 130kgs. To be frank, I wasn’t sure I was going to hit 120. Once I knew about the surgery estimates, I figured 130 woudl be the new normal, and I was mentally ok for that. My thought was, anything below 130 would be bonus.

Now, I am considering a new “soft” number goal. The obvious next milestone is only 2kgs away at 50kgs lost. This will mark the most I have ever lost in a single… “era” of weight loss. After that, 115 is around the corner, and then… 113. The barrier I have never been able to breach in my adult life. I have been wondering if that is my base level weight, but I am really nervous about that number. Before, getting to 113 required days of not eating, working out for 5-4 hours a day and drinking as little as possible (Water adds useless weight in my mind in those days). Now, I remind myself to eat, and I keep I am still not pushing exercise wise as hard as I could be. (I am not even going to a gym). I am definitely much healthier and happier with where I am now, but that emotional feeling of 113, and the mythical 112… that will be a big post if I ever get there.

But progress it good, and I am happy to see where this takes me. Slow and steady wins the race.



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