The Journey: Social Wanderingexpat is back

Good morning! No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, I have just been super busy, and trying to figure out how to fit my writing into the day.

This week, I started me new job, and thusly, I have had little time this week to write down my thoughts and my take on the news, sorry about that! I am working on it.

But this morning, I wanted to talk a little about the Journey.

Last night, I went to a dinner party of a friend of Husband and I. A and his fiance, H, are back in the country for his sister’s wedding, and hosted a get together with friends. We can refer to them ah AH! or HA!… or maybe AH HA!

Any how “Ah Ha” are two of the most incredible people I know. Their energy is boundless, they are both quirky and hysterical and great, kinda, and awesome people. Getting to see them is like going to an adventure park, you know you are going to have an awesome time when they are around.

But, this is… (or was?) typically something I shy away from. A Group of 15-20 people, all engaging in relative small talk can be torture for me, and it is hard to keep focus in situations like that. A cacophony of sound and soundbites of other conversations, I tend to get bored withmyself and float around the room until all light conversation is exhausted, then retreat and hope that at some point, the Husband wants to head home.

Last night was different.

Maybe it was the crowd (many I knew and I haven’t seen in months), but the conversations were good, fun, and interesting. I talked about the Surgery, and The Journey quite a bit, but as 1 hour turned into 2, which finally turned into three, I found the old social wanderingexpat coming through. Gregarious, jokey, and not hyper sensitive about what I was wearing, or how I was presenting to people. Being relentlessly open and talkative, I stayed away from the food, which ranged from Pizza bites to Sushi, to chips and hummus and guacamole, and the alcohol (easy to do), and it was *fine.* I didn’t slink off “to recharge” or try to doge conversations, I was present and apart of the event.

I kinda miss being social.

I feel that I am quite an introvert at heart. My M.O. is small 1-1 or a small group of 5-6 people. I love to be larger than life in those situations and at larger parties, but afterwards, I hibernate for a month to recover my social energy. Parties and gatherings usually exhaust me, but last night, it didn’t. Is it the walking? Is it the added energy? is it the gain in confidence with the weight loss? Perhaps. Maybe it was because I actually had something to talk about and hold up my end of the conversation for once.

I felt like the old me. The me that could engage more and fret less. And that is a big step for me.

This is not to say I will be be out every weekend, but I suspect I will start going out more.

Today, I broke the plateau, losing .4kgs. Not by a huge number, but by enough to breach the wall. I hope this trend continues. Tomorrow, I will hopefully plan the Milford Track with my walking buddy. So stay tuned for details there.

Also, in talking last night with a friend, (I will call him J-Bean) I was recounting what was in essence the last year for me. From losing one of the closest people in my life, to the massive depression afterwards, to getting the house, to Bailey the dog, Surgery, the Journey, getting made Redundant, and now the new job. I have had an *insane* 12 months. The last three months have mostly been incredibly positive, and even with setbacks like the Redundancy, I eventually came out ahead.

I told J-Bean that things are looking up, and that things have been really great this year, something I reiterated to Husband a bit later in the evening. 2017 has mostly been a good year for me, and I think the Journey was absolutely and utterly needed for me in this time in my life. I am glad that I began this, and I am focusing as much as I am on it.

And with that, I will let you go. Enjoy your day, and talk to you soon!


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