The Journey: changing modes

This week has been another plateau week. I tend to not post as much when I am on a plateau because I am usually starting to low key worry about numbers, and such.

This week was no different.

When I hit a plateau, I often will look at my diet, my exercise, and what is going on in order to figure out if this is a temporary thing, or my new normal. This week, I started going through what could change.

  • I am walking further (and faster) every day. Today, I did 5.5kms in 56 minutes (9:50 per km) which has me really pumped. While I hate running, I do enjoy walking, and if I can get to 6kms under an hour, I would be ecstatic.
  • I look at my water consumption. Currently, I have been drinking about 2 liters a day.
  • Food. I am currently eating one “big meal” a day, and I may have something “small” once a day.
    • By a “big meal”, I mean somewhere in the realm of 200 grams of food, mostly protein.
    • by “small” I mean like 20-60 grams of nuts, or 150 grams of Yogurt.

So, I look at this, and I go, “alright, how can I not be losing weight, and on some days, it seems like I am retaining weight? Since last week, I went from 123.7kgs, to 125.8kgs yesterday morning.

Thinking that maybe my diet (which is right now, mostly chicken) may be throwing it off, so while I still have frozen chicken in the freezer, after that is done, I will switch to something a bit leaner, or a different protein. At lunch yesterday, I decided to have a “big meal” and things were good. Drinking my water, all good. In the evening, I found I was hungry again, an despite my weight worry, had a second “big meal” (again Chicken, need to get that stuff out!)

This morning, I got up, got dressed, and took my walk. After coming home and a shower, I weighed myself. I am dreading the number that I am about to see.

124.3 kgs

*blink, blink*

I ate twice my normal amount and I lost over a kilo in a day.

I step off the scale, walk around, let it reset, and I try again.

124.3 kgs.


This is the tough part. There is information everywhere. Everyone has their opinion on the idea of “starvation mode” or why you are not losing weight, and it can be a bit unrelenting on what to do. I shouldn’t eat more, and end up losing more. I mean, everyone runs by the adage of “Calories in, Calories out” and the fact that I am still under 1k in calories a day and walking 5kms a day should mean I should be losing weight. As someone who wants to look to science for the best answer, the answer is still murky. I am likely not in starvation mode, but I am likely not eating enough protein, and I may need to start lifting weights. Maybe there will be a lot more chicken in my future…

As this is a work in progress, I will have to keep an eye on things. Also, with me committing to do the Milford Track this summer, I want to make sure that I am physically do it, and not go crazy.

So that has been my plateau week. I promise to not be so numbers heavy next time (I suspect a lot of talk about the Milford Track)


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