Today, the US Congress has agreed to a funding bill that will carry the country until September. They deal was struck between Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate, and for the most part, the Democrats got what they wanted; more domestic spending, planned parenthood is funded, more science funding, and no Border Wall funding. (though border security funding was granted, but with a proviso it cannot be used for a wall)

The GOP got a working budget and an increase in military spending, though less than what the Administration was hoping for.

It is weird to see a bi-partisan agreement in this day and age. It is something I fully embrace and would love to see more of… and by the sounds of things… that may actually happen.

I have longed believed that neither party has the complete answer. Ideological bents on both sides of the spectrum can (and will) bring everything to a halt, forcing the middle to compromise and move forward. When I see this article about how the Democrats now have a way forward in thwarting Mr. Trump’s agenda, and their tactic is bipartisanship it makes me laugh.

The GOP is a party in name only. It cannot pass a budget in the House by themselves, they cannot pass a bill that will pass the Senate. They cannot even agree on a Healthcare Repeal, one that they voted lock step on over 30 times during Obama’s tenure as President. Ryan is incompetent as Speaker, and honestly, if he were to step down, I would have a hard time seeing who, if anyone, would want to replace him. The Party’s Whips can even agree on a bill together, let alone get everyone else on the plan.

And even the fabled “Hasert Rule” has been destroyed.

The issues the GOP has in the last couple of years have not gone away with a victory in the White House. The GOP’s issue is that they gerrymandered themselves into a situation where the ideological bent of their party became the purity test for everything. The House GOP is now a den of various factions that cannot agree with each other lest they lose their ideological purity and piss off their base.

And they have the Administration poking holes in the ship left, right, and center.

The Trump factor in this is almost comical. The GOP did better when they froze out their own leadership. By giving Mr. Trump nothing in the Budget, the GOP embarrassed him more than any Democrat could. They made him irrelevant, and appropriately, he was chucked a fit in response.

In many respects, this is inevitable. The office of the Presidency has become rather powerful in the last 20 years, with George W. Bush and Barack Obama, the Executive Branch has gained a lot of power in its ability to move and shape government. This is not the first time we have had a strong executive branch, but with Trump’s incompetence on full display, and the fact that Congress literally ignored him to get the budget (which he signed btw) tells me that the Executive Branch’s power moving forward will take a nosedive. The Pendulum is swinging back, I just hope we can get a more functioning Congress. Let’s hope that this budget is a sign of things to come. If the Democrats can lead from the back, and it protects the health of people, then so be it. It will make their 2018 campaign better.

It feels like the adults got tired of fighting the kid who is screaming, and are letting him scream while they calmly talk about their days.


And on the Subject of Trump.

I haven’t posted very much this week because it feels that a lot of news revolves around him. The North Korea situation, China, Philippines, even France, it seems it has always a connection back to Trump, and it is annoying. With Trump’s first 100 days now history, he gave a few (what the media calls) “bizarre” interviews.

Firstly, they are not “Bizarre.” Trump is showing obvious signs that he is in way over his head, and that his incompetency is a feature of his Administration, not a bug. The Civil War comment


I want to continue, but I feel that *Facepalm* pretty much sums it up for me. Get the dunce out of the White House, please, before he breaks something, or starts a war because his feelings were hurt.


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