The Journey: Diet Changes and adjustments

The last couple of Journey posts have been fairly heavy, with talk of image, eating disorders, and future plans. Today, I am going to keep it a little lighter, and talk about the changes to what I eat, and the realities of life post surgery.

In many ways, I am relearning how to eat. I know that sounds weird, but in many ways it is exactly what is sounds like. In the immediately aftermath of the surgery, you are limited to only fluids, then as the days and weeks go on, you move on to more and more foods. During this process, doctors, or nutritionist will start hammering to you your new diet. Stay away from Snacks, candy, heavy starches. Then there is no coffee, no caffeine, no pop/soda, no juices, no ice cream, cookies, pretzels, and stay away from pasta, breads, and rice.

*blink blink*

So, with these restrictions, you kinda have to relearn to eat. To be honest, my diet pre-diet would vacillate between healthy-ish to downright terrible. so when you now have less than 600 grams of food a day to work with, you want to make the most of it.

So, cue me, in the grocery store, staring at products I would never ever consider pre-surgery.

“Hmm, protein bars. This one is only 2 grams of sugar… awesome! What’s in it… “Superseeds?” ok, sure, marketing packaging for the win. What are these seeds *flips box*… Sunflower, Pumpkin, an Chia…. what the fuck is Chia?”

I mean, what does a Chia seed grow into… Chia pets?

I sigh and after reviewing all the other protein bars for several minutes, take the box and move on.

I move on to the cold section to get some yogurt. While something I would never really have before the surgery, it has become a somewhat comfort food for me when I want something simple and has a sweetish taste. I generally go for Greek yogurt because of the  lower sugar/carbs levels, but I have also found probiotic yogurt.

*cue Jamie Lee Curtis commercial*

In reality, my post surgery body loves this stuff. So get the Rhubarb flavor and I go.

As I move through, I find more foods that pre-surgery I would never look at.  Either they were “too healthy” or “not tasty” or “Not my taste.” Now that my old diet is pretty much off limits (for good reason), I am now re-looking at these “foo-foo” foods (as my dad would say for something fancy) and re-approaching them with a more open mind.

And it is not bad!

Sure, maybe the surgery has left me able to enjoy anything, but honestly, the chia seed superbar of protein is really good! (though I have only had one so far). With my body completely off of sugar right now, I feel like I taste EVERYTHING, and that any sugar is almost overwhelming. I feel it is actually not that bad, and I realise how… dependent I have been on sugar and sweetness of things. So, exploring new flavors, exploring new foods to try, and realising that healthy doesn’t mean boring is a nice surprise.

It is good to remember that while one door has closed, I feel that several new doors have opened, and I am looking forward to trying all those new and weird things that are good for you.

But seriously… Chia?



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