News Roundup: April 19

Good Morning, today is Wednesday, April 19 and here are the stories that interest me.

Prime Minister Teresa May has called for a snap election in the United KingdomPrime Minister Teresa May has called for a snap election in the United Kingdom. The move comes as polls show strengthening support for Brexit from the population as well as continuing disorganisation from the Labour Party. This moves up the election almost a full three years ahead of schedule. This will be the third national vote in three years for a country beset by national referendums. If successful, May will help consolidate her mandate for the Brexit negotiation talks. The Liberal Democrat’s party has shown an upswing in support since the announcement.

Police in the small African country of Burkina Faso has staged the first of several planned nationwide protests to bring attention to corruption in the system. The police say that illegal arrangements for police to guard certain areas, like banks and other points, has resulted in lower wages for union workers. Also, the rise of extremism in the region is also making tensions rise.

100 unarmed South Sudanese refugees have taken 18 UN workers hostage outside a refugee camp in Eastern Congo, demanding that they be moved to a third nation. This comes as there is increasingly violent unrest in the Eastern Congo and civil war in South Sudan still raging in the young country. The situation has developed due to the UN being unable or unwilling to listen and move the refugees. The situation is developing.

Programming Note: I will begin changing up the Daily  News Roundup in the coming days and weeks, please let me know your thoughts as changes happen. I hope you are all well, and have a wonderful day!





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