News Roundup: April 14

Good Morning, today is Friday April 14 and here are the stories that interest me.

NASA has just announce the discovery of Hydrogen Gas in the sub surface ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceledus, making the conditions right for life to evolve there.  This finding makes the icy moon, along with Jupiter’s moon Europe the most likely places to harbor life outside Earth in the solar system. They also released a paper detailing that Plumes similar to the ones on Enceledus have been discovered on Europa.

Russia has vetoed a measure in the UN to investigate the Syrian Chemical Attack. The UN was attempting to pass a resolution to investigate Syria’s current Chemical Weapon capabilities as a result of the Chemical Attack on Syrian civilians last week by the Assad Government. The US, France, and the UK introduced the measure, and 10 nations voted for it. Russia Vetoes the measure, while China Abstained.

The European Court has ruled that Forced sterilization of Trans*gender people is unlawful, and has struck the law from almost 2 dozen nations.  The court case originated in France after 3 people were denied the ability to change their names and gender on their Birth Certificates because they were not sterilized. The court case is only binding in France, which has already overturned its sterilization laws, but the case now is a legal precedent in 47 other countries, of which nearly 2 dozen have the law on their books. While nations like Russia and Turkey are among the nations who force sterilization, there is no indication they will move to change their laws.

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