News Roundup: April 12

Good Morning, today is Wednesday, April 12 and here are the stories that interest me.

Protests are intensifying in Venezuela as the economic crisis deepens. Protests have raged now for five days as security forces and protesters have clashed in Caracas and other major cities. At one point a hospital was tear gassed according to reports. Protesters have taken to the streets after food shortages as well as runaway inflation making money nearly worthless. The Government has tried to stamp down the protests as well as crack down on the black market, the only place to buy goods in many places. They are also protesting the jailing of political opponents of the current government.

Malaysia has confiscated over 3.1 million dollars worth of Rhino Horns. The horns were seized at Kuala Lampur airport from a flight from Mozambique via Qatar. The horns were labeled “Objects of Art” but where still found to be carrying the illegal ivory. Unfortunately, no suspects were apprehended in the seizure.

In the US, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley resigned yesterday after impeachment proceedings began pertaining to campaign money violations and an extra-marital affair with a top aide. This marks the third Alabama politician who has had to resign due to ethics violations in the last 9 months. With the resignation, he also plead guilty to the charges and will likely avoid jail. (He is going to get Community Service)

Toshiba is warning consumers and stockholders that it expects to lose upwards of 8.7 Billion USD (7 Billion Pounds) this year and could bring down the entire company. Trouble with the Nuclear Plant construction area of the business seems to be the flashpoint. The admission of its trouble may push Toshiba out of the Nikkei, Japan’s stock exchange. The development has ramification around the world as several countries are using Toshiba in their construction projects.

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