News Roundup: April 11

Good morning, today is Tuesday, April 11 and here are the stories that interest me.

Coral Bleaching has hit the Great Barrier Reef for a second year in a row, raising fears that the reef is reaching “terminal” stage and will not recover. After a survey this year by scientist, they have found that severe bleaching has affected the northern two thirds of the coral reef. Bleaching occurs when the sea water is too warm causing the algae that feeds to reef to die off, causing a discoloration, or bleaching. The back to back events have left no time for the coral to recover, despite this not being a el Nino year.

The French National elections are two weeks away, and it looks like there is a 4 way race for the runoff election. France uses a two stage election process. If no candidate reaches 50%, a runoff of the two top vote earners will square off in a second election. Currently, the far-right Candidate Marne Le Pen and Center Left Candidate Emmanuel Macron are leading with about a quarter of the vote each. Center Right Candidate Francois Fillon is now in a race with surging far left Candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon who is sitting at around 18%. Melenchon has surged in the last week, taking everyone by surprise. Currently Macron, Fillon, and Melenchon are slated to beat Le Pen in a head to head match up. This will be the second time that Melenchon has surged in the polls leading up the the election. Last time, he faded back and ended up under performing on the night.

French Guiana is in the middle of massive protests against the mainland country France, as people decry the lack of investment and opportunities. A group of Demonstrators called “500 Brothers” have been demanding 2.5 billion Euro in aid for the country after years of neglect from parent country France. French Guiana is considered an overseas territory and is not an independent country, and relies on France for aid and its economy. In the last two weeks, massive protests across the country have happen, as well as the seizing of the Guiana Space Station, which delayed the launch of an ESA rocket. Massive road blockages, as well as general strikes have only forced France to invest 1 million euro in the country.

And that is all for today, seeya tomorrow!


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