The Journey goes ever on.

This week has been a good week for The Journey. I had my check in with the doctor and “officially” (aka his scale) I have lost 35kgs, this was a 6 kgs difference from a couple of weeks ago. It is a little off from my scale, but that is ok. The doctor is very happy with my progress, and today marks the last “routine” check in with the doctor. Now, I have two months before my next checkup.

It is crazy to think it has been two months since the Surgery. Now that I am back on a “normal” diet and now that I am exercising and doing more than just letting the weight disappear, I feel more fully in control of what happens next.

And it is exciting.

Today, I bought a kitchen scale, one of the last pieces for me to help lose/maintain my weight. This will be the first time I buy a scale, but in the quest to manage and keep my portions under control, I feel that this is going to be needed for the long run. No more “eyeballing” portion sizes now.

I have also started considering wether or not to do something exercise driven, like a 5k or something along those lines. A few years ago, I did Tough Mudder, but I am thinking something else this time, I will have to have to sit a spell and think about what to do. I kinda don’t want to do the “typical” thing, but I want to do something so I can focus on a goal.

Nothing too much to report today, I have other topics on my mind (whichI may share) but on the Journey Front, all is well. Take care, and seeya next time.



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