News Roundup: April 10

Good Morning, today is Monday April 10 and there are the stories that interest me.

Protests rage for a 7th day in Serbia in the fallout of their National Elections. Last week, SerbianPrime Minister Aleksandar Vucic easily won the country vote with 55% of the vote. However, multiple irregularities as well as intimidation, bribery, and muzzling the media has made the election tainted in the eyes of many people. On Saturday, the protestors peaks at around 30,000 protestors.

Two Coptic Christian churches in Egypt have been bombed, with ISIS claiming responsibility for the attacks. The bombings came as the largest religious minority in Egypt was gathering to celebrate Palm Sunday. The attacks are also the latest in a string of attacks focused on the religious minority ahead of Pope Francis’ trip to Egypt later this year. 47 have so far died in the blast.

Uber has now been banned in Italy after a judge ruled that it created an unfair competitive market. The Taxi app has been accused of undercutting taxi laws and rules to create a cheaper ride. The Judge agreed, and went further than other European countries by banning the entire sweet of Uber Apps from the country. Uber has yet to respond to the case, but it will likely attempt to appeal.

Again, a short day, lots going on, and most of the news is US/Trump related. Don’t worry, there will be more tomorrow!

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