The *ugh* of reporting US politics

I haven’t covered US politics in a couple of weeks. In my news roundup, I try very hard to not report on anything about the US unless it is decidedly nonpolitical in nature. I figured that there is enough US politics couch pundits out there and my goal with the news roundup is to shin a light on other stories happening in the world, big and small.

However, when I go to write a US politics post, I just feel like I am stuck in the mire of insanity. Lets look at this week in US politics. This week, we had the Senate continue the Confirmation hearing of Neil Gorsuch. The hearing came to an end, and the Democrats began to filibuster the nomination to prevent a vote. The Republicans then, today, decide to gut the Judicial Filibuster to push the candidate through. While this is everything I expected from all of this (I have always said that Gorsuch will be confirmed), what is bonkers is the how baldfaced it is. John McCain (R-AZ) said that this vote was a mistake, and called McConnell and Idiot for proposing a change to the filibuster… before voting for it. While sure, he sounds like a maverick, but he gets in line with the rest when it comes to putting words to action.

Meanwhile, there is the White House and its revolving door of scandals, betrayals, and incompetency. In good news (a rarity it seems), Steve Bannon was removed from the National Security Council post he was appointed to at the beginning of the administration. This seemed to touch off the latest war in the White House, with Bannon and Stone throwing Mr. Trump’s Son in law Jared Kushner under the bus saying he is leaking intel to the media. Then today, hysterically, reports that Bannon has called Kushner a “Cuck” and a “Globalist”. As they disregard any sense of privacy and begin open warfare on each other. I don’t feel bad for any of the players here, but I would suspect that Mr. Bannon knows he cannot fight the power of nepotism, and while he may be the stratigist for Mr. Trump, Mr. Kushner has become a sort of “Cabinet Hog” in that he has taken over a lot of the responsibility and command of areas of diplomacy, business, and pretty much anything he wants to do? Kushner went to Iraq this week, which seemed to touch off the attacks on him from home.

Then there is the Russia Scandal. Three more Trump people, including Kushner, has been linked to Russian interest during the campaign. Now, at this point, I expect to find a Facebook Invite from Bannon inviting the campaign and Russian officials to a  BBQ in July with the title, “BBQ and Treason: lets make America Великий again!.” In the House, the GOP chair of the Russian probe Sam Nunes has stepped down to address ethics concerns. Sure it only took a week, and massive denials from the most of the GOP that he has compromised himself, but hey! He did it eventually!

And then there is the other stuff. Fuck I am exhausted by this shit. North Korea is launching missiles ahead of the meeting between the US and China. Mr. Trump responded with a threat that if China doesn’t rein in North Korea, the US will act alone to stop them.  Not to be outdone by himself. After the Chemical attack in Syria, Mr. Trump first Blamed Obama for the attack, saying it was a direct consequence of his strategy in Syria. And then, says that Syria has crossed several “red lines” and must be stopped and has said that “all options are on the table” in terms of response. Meanwhile, Russia, a supporter of Assad who is the current leader of Syria,  says it was the rebels and not the government who orchestrated the attack. The US is pressuring Russia, but outside words, nothing is being done to pressure the country. And this is only 5 days people! Mr. Trump still is going to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Mar-a-lago, and it feels that Mr. Trump is going to be at a disadvantage throughout.

Oh, and they are trying to revive the AHCA and it keeps failing,

AND, Mr. Trump has said that the last 13 weeks were the best start for a President in history.

*Internal screaming gets louder*

It is a circus. With everything going on, it less governing and more posturing for the camera. I get it, having lived in DC for 7 years, I understand the inside baseball, the comments, the posturing, the infighting and the rivalries.  I also understand the tempest in a teapot stories meant for political advantage rather than anything real.

But this is straight up reality show sloppiness here. From the open hostilities in the White House, to the clusterfuck in the Senate, to the House chasing its own tail, and the blindness of saying they are doing “the best in history” is just… exhausting. These people would be lucky to get to the jury in Survivor (btw, this season of Survivor is getting really good, highly recommend)

And that is the point. They want us exhausted. Trump is now considering military intervention in two countries, he has shown no aptitude for forward thinking, or planning, and if he gets into even one of those conflicts, it is going to end in a lot of dead Americans and a lot more dead people from where we are invading. The domestic agenda is a mess, there is no action on Healthcare, there is arguments breaking out on Tax reform. The only thing the Administration has done is solidified opposition from Americans, have dropped 10% in popularity since Inauguration, have passed a number of executive orders and yelled at clouds. I feel like Mr. Trump is trying to talk up his accomplishments like a college grad tries to up sell their resume.

And with this dissension, chaos, stupidity, and incompetency happening in the White House, the world is pressuring the US in trade, in geo-political affairs, and military action. Soon, the President will truly lash out, the only question is who will it be? The American people? The Syrians? The North Koreans? Or someone else that will just set him off randomly. Who knows, and that… is the scariest part of all.



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