The Journey, Looking for a Job, and Interviewing

Well, I have had a busy 24 hours. Yesterday, I told you about my redundancy/being laid off. Yesterday afternoon, I get a phone call. Company wants to interview me the next day, in the morning.

Of course I said yes.

Now throughout this week, I have said to myself that I am so grateful that if I were to be made redundant, that it is happening now, while I am losing weight. When the call came in, and then I agreed and hung up… I thought to myself, “What am I going to wear?”

3 months ago, this would be an almost crisis moment. Three months ago, I fit into a handful of clothes in my home, and worse, my “size” is way out of the normal range at most stores, I would have had to race, sweaty ass, to a big and tall store and hope to god they had a decent shirt, any shirt that would fit me, and pants that would service for this one interview.

Yesterday, however, was a different kettle of fish. I went home and got out my dress pants. They fit. Wow, Good. Now, for a nice shirt to wear. I try a couple out, and they generally fit. A little tight in a couple of places (mainly the tummy), and I think “This may be a shirt I can wear in a couple of weeks.”  I find a shirt that fits well, and then I pick out my tie (blerg, Ties) and I am ready. 15 minutes of playing dress up in my closet and I have my interview outfit.

That would have been impossible 3 months ago, hell… even 3 weeks ago.

With the fact that I can wear my own clothes without panic, I then went into my research and prep for the interview.

My prep for any interview is to research the website. Look at what they are selling (or their mission), find key players, understand their products, the whole thing. I also try and find the linked in for people I I am interviewing for, allowing me to get a visual, but also see who I am up against. Oh, the interviewer is the head of marketing and sales? Awesome, I will cater my talk to gear towards marketing folk. Oh, IT interviewer, more technical… that sort of thing. Take some notes, have then nice and neat and visible when I come in, and then… go for it.

This morning, I head to the interview, and it went well. For me, interviews are basically a conversation with me as the subject, and as long as you have a good time, the interview will be a success. Being in my field (I work with front end clients quite a bit) you have to be engaging, make a connection, and allow yourself to have a good time. It is basically a performance. Interviews are the same way. When I walk into a room, I know that they are interested in me, My CV got me there, and it is up to me to make myself more than just words on a paper, and honestly, they are looking for fit and personality, and that is what the interview is all about.

And today, it went well. With my lost weight, my renewed inner confidence, and the attitude that I am just having a conversation… I felt like I hit it out of the park.

45 minutes later, I was called for a second interview next week.

Such an amazing feeling.

It is interesting for me how this journey has reinvigorated my self-esteem in myself. I am getting closer to looking like how I feel inside. That feeling makes me happier in myself, and makes me more confident as a result. I have talked about re-learning to look at myself before, and how little I have looked at myself in the last year because of my weight and how I look. That is still evolving. I look at myself more every day. I am relearning to embrace who I am, and in a way, interviewing and talking myself up helps me to see what I have been missing with myself for the past while.

So… The Journey has helped me with The Career, and it has come at the best time.


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