News Roundup: April 6

In Japan, 1 in 4 men, and 1 in seven women are still unmarried at aged 50. Experts say that the numbers may be due to a relaxed attitude towards marriage and the increase of people on non-permanent jobs.  The country is also struggling with a low birth rate, which is actually causing the nation to slowly decrease its population.

Dutch men are holding handing in solidarity for two gay men who were beaten last weekend. After news of the gay couple being beaten for holding hands in the east of the Netherlands, Two politicians from the Democrats 66 party where among the first to hold hands in support of the gay couple and has since become a movement within the Netherlands. The #allemannehandinhand tag has been used by other politicians, celebrities, and athletes showing men holding hand.

Tesla motors market value has surpassed Car giant Ford. The move happened after Tesla posted record numbers of deliveries in the first quarter of this year hitting over 25,000 worldwide. While Ford sells far more cars, Teslas growth in the US and worldwide sees a lot more value than the century old company.

A Short one day, lots to talk about otherwise! Have a great day!

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