When the Sh*t hits the Fan

This Monday, I was given a bit of a shock. I was made redundant. For non Kiwi/Australian readers out there, Redundancy means I am being laid off. My company is moving out of my city, and unfortunately, that means that I can’t move with them.

A lot of things run through your mind as you are being told you are being let go. While my current company is doing all the right things: Giving me a few weeks to prepare and look for a job, helping me with recruiters, my CV/Resume, and my linkedin profile, they have been pretty good all considering.

For me, the shock of it wore off pretty quickly. In a throwback to my earlier life, I went into taskmaster mode. In the past, when the shit hit the fan, I would push back fear, depression, worry, anguish, and such and focus on what I needed to do to survive. Back then, it was a survival mechanism that I had to employ at several key points in my life. For some, it seems unusually unemotional of me, others see it as a unhealthy thing, pushing down emotions in oder to do something right now.

For me, it makes sense. When faced with something beyond your control, you need to be prepared for anything. If I am racked with fear, or self-loathing, I may miss my opportunity to make things better… or more appropriately, to minimise pain and anguish later.

Of course, I don’t feel this is one of those *crisis moments* as it were.

I took out my CV/Resume and updated it. Luckily, I had recently updated it, so I did not have to do much, and I started applying. I reached out for connections, push colleagues to endorse me/recommend me, and I am generally looking at this as an opportunity.

I have been working for this company for 5 years, and that is the longest I have ever worked for one place. My career is such that you tend to jump every couple of years. So, while I am surprised.. I am not detoured. Which is a good thing.

The next few weeks will be interesting, watch this space as things develop.



2 thoughts on “When the Sh*t hits the Fan

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