News Roundup: April 4th

Good morning, today is Tuesday, April 4, and here are the stories that interest me.

Scotland and India have both posted monthly records in Wind power. In Scotland, greater capacity has lead to having enough energy collected to power 136% of Scottish Households for the month, this is up from 81% the previous month. In India, capacity is also the reason for the massive jump in collected Energy.

Ecuador’s Ruling Party, lead by President  Lenin Moreno was declared the victory from this weekend’s runoff presidential election. The final vote was close and initially both candidates declared victory. His opponent, Guillermo Lasso, has demanded a recount and has called his supporters to protest the results. The contentious election is seen by many as a indication of the staying power of South America’s Leftist movement. With Moreno holding on to victory, this will have political implications with Julian Assange, who is staying in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

11 people have been killed in an bombing in St. Petersburg’s metro, causing the underground rail system to close. The blast occurred between two stations, and another bomb was found at a third station. While the Russian authorities have said it looks like a terrorist action, they are slow to confirm the assumption. They also do not have any claims to the attacks either, as both Chechnyan and Islamic Terrorist could be at fault.

And with that, have a good day.

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