Welcome to 2-something Land

So, in my last “Journey” post, I went into a pretty interesting place. I had a couple of friends and family come and talk to me about my feelings about my self-image and some of the things I talk about there. In a way I felt bad; while it is completely honest, I feel it is also not the full picture of what is going on.

So, lets talk about this week.

After a couple of weeks of “average” weight loss, this week has been anything but average. Last week, I graduated to solid foods, and I have been picky and choosey on which foods to eat. Still eating a fair amount of soft foods just because it is easier, but having a steak (well, a third to half a steak) is pretty freaking sweet.

Anyhow, along with solid foods came more exercise, I think it spurred more weight loss. During last week, I walked the Dog with the Husband almost every day. The walk it not to terribly long, but with a puppy, there is a lot of running around and chasing, and making sure she doesn’t do anything too crazy at the park. I have also started walking solo again. After the first walk a few weeks ago, and being completely wasted afterwards, the walks now are manageable. Nice and sweaty, it is a good feelings afterwards.

With that, I hit 134.6 Kilos this morning, or to put it in another way: 296 pounds. I am in 200-land. When I started this, I was 168kg/370lbs. On New Years, I was worries I would hit 400 before I would see 2-something again, and here I am, 4 months later, and I have done it.

So a scale victory for today, and I am enjoying it. Things are looking up, I am happy with where I am, and I look forward to where I am heading. Have a great day everyone.



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