News Roundup: April 3

Good morning, today is Monday, April 3 and here are the stories that interest me.

Paraguay this weekend has been rocked by several massive events. On Friday, the Government surprised everyone when they passed a bill changing the constitution, allowing President Horacio Cartes to run for another term next year. In the outcry, protesters stormed and burned down the Congressional Building. Then, the following day during protests, the police shot and killed a protester, sparking even more determined protests. President Cartes has called for calm and justice for the protester, and blamed the escalation on cartels and media interests. Cartes has also vowed to find the protesters who burned Congress down.

A “Sapphire Rush” is threatening rain forests and protected species in the island nation of Madagascar. In the last six months more high quality gem stones have been found in the northern region of Madagascar than in the last 30 years. The find has brought tens of thousands of people searching for wealth in the critically poor nation. With local governments unable to handle the influx of people, they have called on the government to step in and protect the forest and lands that is home to some of the most unique biodiversity in the world, and is a tourist draw for the nation. However, the government seems uninterested in stepping in.

China has announced a new National Park to house the endangered Panda Bear. The park, which will merge a number of smaller parks dedicated to the Bear, will be thee times larger than Yellowstone National Park and will require the resettlement of around 170,000 people. China hopes to protect both animals and the biodiversity of the area and has created 7 other national parks for the purpose.

And that is all for the news this morning, have a wonderful day.

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