Random thoughts heading into the weekend

Bailey the Pug is doing well. She has been really good this week in a lot of areas. She is meeting dogs regularly now in her walks around town and in social events. She has definitely taken on that “little dog” mentality at points. She is cautious, but ambitious in her interactions with other dogs. Right now, we are teaching her to walk next to us on the leash/lead and it is working well. She figures things out quickly, and even if it is for a treat, she knows what to do, and that is awesome. Sit is now ingrained in here, so that is pretty awesome. She is getting into a better routine at home, and thusly has gotten better at house training, I feel that we are almost at 90% in terms of going to the bathroom in the right place. Also, the park is becoming her favorite place (and ours). There she runs around and has an blast… and then comes home and sleeps. It is awesome.


So, in gaming news, Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is making some huge changes to their game. Now HotS is a game that I fell into it about two years now. Similar to DotA and LoL, it is a MOBA style game, but has not catch the interest equal to the 50 million LoL players out there. Anyhow, Blizzard has revamped the progression system as well as change how their cosmetic items are handled. It is a brilliant development and it feels like the game is posed to make a huge jump. However, with the MOBA industry starting to come off its previous highs, this could be a tough market to get into. Personally, I love it. I love HotS and seeing the changes are fantastic. If you’re ever interested to play, hit me up!


A few days ago, I talked about being more creative. That is still on my mind… one of the things I have thought about is writing some short stories and posting them on here. While they will not win anything, it may be nice to do some writing and get some feedback here and there. I kinda want to rewrite a short story I did a few years ago, and maybe develop it a bit more. That could be interesting.


I remember being a kid and being blown away at people who didn’t have cable television. Now, as an Adult, who has lived cable free for 7 years, wonders what the fuss is all about.


This weekend, New Zealand gets an bonus Hour since it is the end of Daylight Savings. Bucking convention, I enjoy daylight savings, and coming from the Northern Midwest, appreciate the sun not rising at 3:45 in the morning during the summer. However, it seems that so many people here *hate* it with a passion. I think that for Auckland, it works well. Right now, the Sun rises at around 7am, with sun light hitting us at around 8am. That shift will be nice when it comes this weekend. I think in many ways, Daylight Savings is like Vaccines: We have had it so long, people doubt how good it can be. (though honestly, daylight savings is nowhere near as important as vaccines)

Regardless, I am enjoying my extra hour of sleep… except that Bailey has no concept of time and will wake up at the normal time anyhow… sigh.


For those without the extra hour, or those who have a busy weekend ahead, enjoy it. Don’t get wrapped up in the world too much, and enjoy the ones you love. have a great day đŸ™‚

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