News Roundup: March 31

Today is Friday, March 31, and the end of the first quarter of the year, and here are the stories that interest me.

Lawmakers in El Salvador have overwhelmingly voted to ban metal mining in the country. The small Central American Country is fighting back against soil erosion, lack of water, and a rising population in making this move. A Moratorium had been in place for 10 years, however, international gold companies, who often use cyanide to extract the gold which enters the water supply, have been trying to reach a gold vein in the northern part of the country. The worry is that there is a dwindling amount of clean water in the country, and metal mining will threaten that source. The bill had wide support across the political spectrum, and it was somewhat a surprise that the lawmakers were so overwhelming in their decision.

Former President Park Geun-hye has been arrested in South Korea in a part of an ongoing investigation into the corruption scandal that saw her impeached a few weeks ago. As the election to replace her continues, the police has questioned and now arrested the former President. they now have 19 days to law formal charges on her. If convicted, Park will be the third South Korean President jailed for crimes done while in office.

The Supreme Court in Venezuela has stripped the Congress of Legislative Powers. The Court last night invalidated the Congress, who is currently controlled by opponents of President Nicolás Maduro, is seen as the only opposition to the President, due to it being held in contempt. The Supreme Court has routinely invalidated bills passed by the opposition against Mr. Maduro sine the opposition took control in last year’s elections. Fears in the region that a dictatorship has replaced the democracy has been raised.

The country of Lithuania is celebrating as a copy of their Constitution, from 1918, has been discovered in a German archive. The constitution was believed to be completely lost in the chaos of the new country and threats from Russia, who was in the throws of revolution itself. The German Ministry has confirmed its authenticity and it is believed that the copy will be brought to Lithuania ahead of its centenary celebration next year.



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