News Roundup: March 30

Good morning, today is Thursday, March 30, and here are the stories that interest me.

Riots have hit Paris for a second night after Paris police shot and killed a Chinese Man in his own home. On Sunday, police were summoned to a home by a neighbor. The man, who was cutting fish, allegedly answered the door holding scissors, and the police reacted, shot and killed him.  The police claim he was attacking with the scissors. China has summoned the French Ambassador to explain the incident and the police are conduction a “full investigation.”

Prime Minister Teresa May has officially triggered Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, better known as Brexit, to leave the EU within the next two years. The move comes after a national referendum vote last year to leave the 28 member organisation. Meanwhile, Scotland’s leader plans to move forward with its second independence vote in 5 years. Westminister has tried to woo Scotland with greater power in the post EU United Kingdom, but First Minister Nicola Sturgeon seems to not be interested.

The small nation of Montenegro is closing in on NATO Membership after the US Senate voted 98-2 to admit the small balkan country into the Alliance. The country, a former part of Yugoslavia, inclusion in the European/US military alliance is seen as a counter to Russia’s increased involvement in Eastern Europe. With Spain the final country to give consent, it looks likely that the country will joint he alliance. the two votes against the expansion came due to questions of Montenegro’s ability to contribute to the alliance, and the US’s liability in getting entangled with further alliances partners.

And finally, India’s top court ruled yesterday banning older technology automobiles from being sold from April 1. In the Judgement, the court said that the health of the people outweighed the profits from automobile companies. Currently a lot of vehicles, mostly motorcycles use older technology despite a ruling in 2015 recommending moving to better technology. Now, automobile companies must try and sell off their stock of vehicles by the Saturday deadline., or sell the stock overseas where the vehicles are still legal.

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