News Roundup: 29 March

Good Morning, today is Wednesday, March 29th and here are the stories that interest me.

Iceland is experiencing a Baby Boom, 9 months after their national Soccer team had a massive win over England in last years EURO 2016. The game shocked Icelanders and Europeans alike, and caused most of the country to shut down in celebration. It also apparently led to enough carnal relations to set a new record for baby births 9 months later.

The personal data of every registered voter in Hong Kong, 3.7 million people, has been compromised. Two laptops containing the entire Registered voter registry was stolen over the weekend from the electoral office. While there are registered voters in the city, just less than 1200 were allowed to vote in last weekends city elections, which saw the elevation of Hong Kong’s first female mayor.

Uber will be pulling its services from Denmark after 3 years, following a new law that makes the ride sharing app illegal to operate. The law, which requires standard metered fares and seat sensors, was passed Friday, making operating an Uber Vehicle against the law. While some on the Danish government wanted to liberalise the Taxi Laws to allow Uber and other car sharing apps to operate in the country, the law further restricting the taxi industry emerged instead. This marks another setback for the tech company that has seen a lot of controversy this year from a variety of sources, including allegations of sexism and sexual harassment within the company, to the treatment of uber drivers and comments from the CEO.

And lastly, out of Serbia, a satire joke  candidate has polled second in the polls in the upcoming national election. Luka Maksimovic, a 25 year old communications student has created an alter ego, Ljubisa ‘Beli’ Preletacevic,  to satires the political establishment.  by Spreading his candidacy on Social media and YouTube, he has skyrocketed to 20% in the polls despite being in the race only one week, and with only few days until the election. The current leader, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is leading the polls easily and will likely avoid a runoff. His progressive party is seen to be firmly in control of Serbia as he is seen as a steady hand in the regions ongoing tensions.

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