News Roundup: March 28

Good morning, today is Tuesday, March 28, and there are the stories that interest me.

Tensions are rising between Greece and Turkey. Turkey and Greece have been waging a war of words, and more recently, with planes and boats. Turkey’s President, Recep Erdoğan, has ratcheted up the rhetoric against Greece in the lead up of the April 16 Referendum to grant the President more political power. Long time rivals, Greece and Turkey have sparred over Cyprus and other eastern Mediterranean matters for decades, but the EU alliance has done well to quell that rivalry. Since the failed Turkish coup last year, 8 military officers escaped into Greece where the Greek supreme court rejected extradition requests. Since then, Turkey has made bolder and bolder claims against Greece. It has even gone as far as Erdogan has questioned the validity of a 1922 treaty that delineated the two country borders, making the Greek Defense minister state that they will staunchly defend their borders against Turkey.

The Liberal government of Canada will announce legislation next month that will legalise marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018. The goal is for the Provinces to control the sale of the product, and the goal of the Government is to provide a safe and secure product to sell to Canadians. The Legislation is due to be introduced during the week of April 10th.

There is chaos in the Chess world today. This weekend, the World Chess Federation met in Athens where they announced the resignation of controversial president Kirsan Ilyumzhinov. The next day, Ilyumzhinov denied the resignation and insists he will never intend to do so saying that it is a US plot to remove him. The Russian national has headed the federation since 1995, but has been under US sanctions since 2015 for allegedly doing business deals with Bashar Al Assad’s government in Syria. Many in the Chess world are critics of the man as he has been accused of using the Federation to  advance personal interested.

And that is all from me today news wise, see you tomorrow!

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