Getting the creative itch

This weeks marks two months since I started this blog, and so far, I have been pretty happy with the results. While I do a daily news roundup which focuses on non Trump News (for the most part), I have also been posting on a variety of other topics, both personal and the political and the other.

I am finding that through this project, I have been starting to get the creative itch to develop or do something more. Writing for me has always been a double edged sword, while I can right and express my feelings, my emotions, or my thoughts… creating something brand new is much harder. I like to write, and I have a decent imagination (at least I like to think so), but every time I have a story idea or I begin to world build, I get stuck. Partially, I think it is due to trying to me wanting to explain the world, give the history, and basically basically give you everything *but* the story.

I think this has come up the most due to my finishing Horizon Dawn Zero. While I have written about the game (and how much I love it) before, it really has tapped into my deep love of a apocalyptic world with a mysterious history. Every time I think about writing something like that, I am deterred because it is so popular right now and eventually, people will move on from it…. though to be truthful, the apocalypse will never go out of fashion. I just feel that my imagination is somewhat… basic. I worry I would fall into the same tropes, and not do anything interesting, but rather… same-same.

I have also considered finding a group of people to role-play with. The Husband currently does this with a group who is playing Mage: The Awakening. And during their second campaign (of sorts) I have been absent-mindedly thinking of how I would run the story, and what story I would tell. The problem is, they are established, and I have never truly DMed before (The other time I did run two sessions of the Mistborn RPG, but it fell through, I did alright, could have done better I suspect). So I would have to find a new group, and I am unsure how to work that.

There are other creative pursuits, maybe more writing here on the blog, maybe short stories, and nothing too long. Maybe joining a choir, having sung for many years growing up and going to college, or even find a theatre I could join. I just feel that creatively I am spinning my wheels a bit and need a bit of direction. I have even thought about streaming again just to produce something.

Though, I will admit that this is a recent feeling, and I suspect it is because I am finally getting past some long seated depression I have been battling with, so that excites me… I just need something creative to do, and figure out what that is.



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