The Journey: Doing to a Family Event

Today marks 6 weeks since the surgery, and today, in addition to my Doctor’s appointment, I am going to a family event: My sister-in-law is being admitted to the Bar today, and we are all going to be in attendance. Afterwards will be a gathering which is catered.

Now, an event like this would normally have me scrambling. Throughout my life, when I had to go to a nice event such as this, I would go to my closet and try to find the nicest clothes that currently fit me, and oftentimes, that exercise would leave me disheartened and usually racing to the store to find something for the occasion. I would be remiss to say that oftentimes, it would be the only time I would wear that shirt, or those pants, because I would typically outgrow them or they would *just* fit and be uncomfortable anyhow.

Today will be different.

After my morning chores, I hesitantly went into my closet. Currently, my closet is broken down into two main areas. The first area is the open area where all the clothes I see are clothes are “fit” me. These are clothes that either Fit me fine *right now* or fit me 6 weeks ago when I started the Journey. I have another space, a big duffel bag, that has all the clothes I currently cannot fit. I went through my currently wearable clothes, and surprisingly, I found a nice button-up shirt that I can more than enough fit, and some pants that would fit the bill needed for today’s ceremony. (For the record, I generally wear casual clothes to work, and when I work from home, I wear shorts).

Then, for fun, I decided to try the duffel bag. Now this will be the second time I ventured in there since the surgery. I took out some pants, and tried each of them on, and was surprised that they all fit, including a pair of dress pants that I wore once for another family gathering and promptly grew out of. Again, looking back over the last two weeks, I haven’t lost much weight per se, but I am still rearranging my body shape I guess. Even with my slowly working up to exercise, it seems that there is still movement to be had with my body even if the scale doesn’t move.

So, I am set for today, which is a nice feeling, especially since these events usually make me very self-conscious about my size.

Now, for the overall update. I have been pretty steady this last week. When I last spoke about my journey, I told you I had a snacking day, and I felt bad about it. I gained a little weight (like 1.3 of a kilo) from that incident, and I took it to heart. When I Thursday last week I had not lost any weight, but simply maintaining, I decided to take the next step: MyFitnessPal. Now this is an app that I go back and forth on. Ideally, I do not want to calorie count, but I think if I want the results that I want (9 kilos away from first major goal), it is time to get more serious about it. I just need to make sure I do not get too crazy on it and start obsessing about getting the right numbers or maximizing my potential weight loss by eating less and less (as I have done with the app before). I have set it to the Ketogenic diet (5% Carb, 30% Protein, 65% fat), since that has generally worked for me in the past, and I know what I need is protein, something that I have been struggling to do ever since the surgery. I think with MyFitnessPal, I should be a bit more aware about how much (or how little) protein I am eating, along with everything else.

Exercise has been hit or miss. I meant to start walking more consistently last week, but that fell through. The good side though is that I am walking the dog now, and that is giving me some good exercise, though it is not enough. I want to do the hard-core walking and exercise, I just need to get my ass up in the morning and do it (and not read the news).

Today also marks the end of my restricted diet. In some ways, the restricted diet is awesome. I know the world of foods I can eat, and it is relatively small, like the tutorial area of the triple A game. Now, I am unleashed on all the pros (and cons) of a full diet selection. Gone is the pureed foods of 2 weeks ago, gone is the limited food set for the week. Now it is down to good practice, and good discipline. Now the Journey *really* begins. In that light, MFP would be a good addition to keep me on the straight and narrow, so it may be a good thing overall.






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