News Roundup: March 27

Good morning, today is Monday, March 27, and there are the stories that interest me.

An Algae Bloom the size of Mexico has hit the Arabian Sea, raising fears of an expanded “dead zone” in the region. While not the first time an Algae bloom has surfaced in the Arabian sea, their size and more common appearance points to less biodiversity in the water and a fear that the algae will muscle out and kill other organisms creating a bigger hole in the food chain.

Bulgaria held their elections this weekend and the Center-Right party the GERB has retained control of the government according to exit polls. The country went into caretaker mode back in November when the GERB party’s candidate lost the Presidency to a Pro-Russian party. While both the GERB and the other main party, the socialists campaigned on better relations with Russia, GERB is considered more pro-EU and was able to maintain the lead. GERB will now need to forge an alliance with a couple of the smaller parties to form government, including the Nationalistic United Patriots, who ran on an anti-Immigration, anti-Turkish platform.

The Tabqa Dam, located in Syria is at risk of collapsing says the Islamic State. The group claims that US airstrikes have made the damn inoperable and have warned civilians to evacuate the area. The damn, 40kms from the IS capital of Raqqa, is currently being contested by IS and US-led forces in the region. The US claims that the Damn has been inoperable for some time, and is heavily mined but has said nothing further.


And that is the news from me, have a good day, and see you tomorrow!

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