News Roundup: March 24

Today is Friday, March 24th, and here are the stories I am interested in today.

A Night Parrot that had previously thought to be extinct has been photographed in Western Australia. This is the first verified sighting of the bird in Western Australia in almost 100 years. A group of four people from Broome have dedicated the last seven years trying to find the bird. Earlier this month, they found the nocturnal bird and was able to grab a picture of the specimen. The discovery could impact Mining Companies who want to mine in the area. The discoverers of the bird are keeping the location a secret in order to protect the population from any poachers.

12 new classifications of clouds have been recognised for the first time by the international Cloud Atlas. First published in 1896, the International Cloud Atlas has become a major tool for people working in meteorological, aviation and shipping services. The Atlas is now going digital with an official web presence. The last time the Cloud Atlas was Published was 1975, with a revision in 1987. The new atlas also recognises some weather features that many do not consider weather such as Rainbows, halos, snow devils and hailstones.

The Annual Eurovision Contest is steeped in politics this year. Yesterday Ukraine, this years host for the contest, banned Russia’s choice from entering the country after the singer performed in contested region of Crimea in 2015. Today, Eurovision has announced that the Russian singer will still be able to perform remotely from Russia via live link. Ukranians have said that the selection of Julia Samoylova, who is confined to a wheelchair and has performed for Russia in other international events, was chosen to provide a political situation. Her performance in Russian controlled Crimea in 2015 without traveling through Ukraine is the reason why she is banned from the country.

And lastly, in something of a developing story, last week the London-based Times newspaper reported that some Ads on YouTube were found to promote terrorism or anti-semitism. This led to the UK Government and the Guardian newspaper to take down ads from the video site. From there, the boycott began to spread to other companies including Havas SA, the sixth largest advertising and marketing company stopped buying ads on YouTube and Google, who also owns YouTube. Yesterday, AT&T and Verizon Communications have announced they have stopped non-search advertising with Google. Johnson&Johnson has paused all YouTube advertising globally. Further, Volkswagem, Toyota, Sainsbury, the BBC, and GlaxoSmithKline has all joined the boycott. Google has tried to head off the backlash by implementing new tools and policies, but advertisers are looking for more concrete changes.

And that is it for the news this week. I hope you all have a good weekend, and I may pop on for a cheeky post here or there!




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