The Trump Conundrum (or: The Tipping Point: Part 3)

When talking about President Trump, have talked about “The Tipping Point” a couple of times. In both posts, there were massive news about Russian ties tot he Trump Campaign as well as individuals working for Russia without disclosure. A couple of weeks have passed since then, but now we have our third “very bad week” for President Trump.

While it may be nauseating to recap, I feel that it would be wise to see where we are on Thursday (American Wednesday) for this week.

Now this is not an exhaustive list by any means, especially since many of the stories that are coming out are literally the Administration scoring goals on itself, like the continuing trips to Florida and his insistence to golf despite promising not to. One can see from the list above that Mr Trump’s week hasn’t been good.

But then again, when hasn’t the Trump Administration have a bad week? Every week seems to crash and burn around Wednesday/Wednesday night US time and burns until the weekend when he runs away from Washington to start the whole cycle over again. At this point, it is almost clockwork to see the wheels of the Administration pop off a bit and then somehow move on after the weekend.

This week however will have some lingering effects. If the ACA Repeal and Replace gets voted down in the House, or misses its GOP-imposed deadline, there will be political blood in the water. The Budget is also in trouble as more and more groups gear up against it and no one likes where it is going outside the Military hawks. The Russia investigation is only going to get worse, and with Nunes presser today, he seems rattled and unsure. And on top of it is the political trash talk will enflame President Trump even further.

And it seems that Trump has at least some idea of the stakes, especially when word came out that he has threatened GOP members hesitant about the Healthcare law that they either vote for it, or lose their seats as well as trying to insert a kickback in order to bring in NY Republicans for the Bill.  Unfortunately, at the moment is sounds like there are more than enough people against the bill to kill it without major changes.

If the GOP is starting to move against Trump, even from the lower ranks, it will erode his support at the top. If his Budget fails, or his Healthcare Repeal fails, and nothing is passed in Trump’s first 100 days, then will the GOP continue to stick to him? His only success during this time may well be Gorsuch getting into the Supreme Court, but now Democrats are calling to delay the vote until the Russia investigation is complete.

I keep talking about the tipping point, and there *has* to be one, but for now, it seems that the GOP is content with trying to push their agenda as much as they can, and pin the failures all on Trump before they kick him to the curb. That is truly the Trump Conundrum: How long does the GOP put up with Trump to get their long held beliefs passed without being blamed for them and avoid going down with the Trump Disaster.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is exactly what they are trying to do.


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