News Roundup: March 23

Good Morning, today is Thursday, March 23rd and here are the stories that interest me.

In a currently developing situation, there has been a car and knife attack in London outside the House of Commons. Currently, 4 people have been killed (this number includes the assailant) and 20 were injured. The police are treating it as a terrorist incident. Among the people dead is a police officer who engaged the assailant. The House of Commons and greater Parliament were put into lockdown for a time, and Prime Minister May and her cabinet are about to sit down to an Emergency Meeting. The link is to a live update feed so keep an eye on it throughout the day.

Germany’s Cabinet approved a bill today that will annul the convictions of 50,000 gay men in convictions relating tot heir sexuality post WWII. The move comes after several other countries, including England and New Zealand, have decided to wipe the convictions due to changing social norms in the country. The laws were put into place in the 19h century, but was strengthened under Nazi rule and continued to be implemented in post-war Germany until 1969. The annulment will also come with money reparations for each year convicted of the crimes. Unlike New Zealand however, the annulments will be automatic and do not need to be requested. The bill will now need to pass the legislature.

Hong Kong and China has now banned meat imports from Brazil. The move comes after a massive police investigation in Brazil found evidence that meat-packers had been selling rotten and substandard produce for several years. The EU has stated that they will stop bringing in meat from the named companies in the investigation, but the China and Hong Kong ban goes further, banning all meat from the country. They join South Korea, and Chile in announcing export restrictions. The Brazilian Government has furiously been trying to stem the fallout of the investigation, as the meat export market is one of Brazil’s top industries but seems not making a difference.

And that is it for me today for the news. ( I will post a little more later however on US stuff), with that… have a great day!



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