Random Thoughts

Occasionally, I have some thoughts that I like to write down, but they don’t necessarily warrant a full post. So when I find that I have a lot of these half posts swirling in my head, I like to do a “Random thoughts” post and get them out.


So, this week I have been going back and forth on whether to get Mass Effect Andromeda. The reviews out of the US have been mixed, and from everything I have seen, you either love it, or hate it. Now, I have enjoyed Bioware’s games, both Mass Effect and Dragon Age games have been in my wheel house, but if I sit and think of it, I only ever finished two Bioware games: Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition. Generally, Bioware tends to get lost in the plot of the open world and I lose interest… so I am hesitant in buying the game straight off and then losing interest. Maybe it also has to deal with my finishing Horizon Zero Dawn and being so happy with it… I kinda don’t want to be disappointed by the game. I think I will watch some twitch today and then decide if I am getting it. (I still have that habit of pre-ordering at the last moment in order to get the goodies… though I know it is always a risk)


Since starting my blog, I find that I use Facebook almost exclusively for chat and little else. While I do check up on my friends and see what they are posting, I find that most things are reblogs, sharing and memes (and there is nothing wrong with that), and that I am responding less and less to things. Maybe it is being tired of internet fights. Maybe it is the lack of a longer forum to speak my mind, maybe it is because I would rather have discussion than argument. Since so many people in my life are there because of my ability to keep in touch, I doubt I would move away from Facebook (unless something more universal and good comes around of course), but it is interesting how this blog has made me less of a Facebook person.


Life with Bailey has started to become more comfortable around the house. She is heavily in her teething phase and I will admit it can be a challenge. She can be nippy and rough with her play and both Seb and I have worried we are doing something wrong (Typical first time dog owners). Tonight, we are taking her to Puppy Pre-School, where she will begin learning some of the things she is not supposed to do (and hopefully, teach her daddies how to handle her in those situations) I feel very excited and nervous about the whole thing, but I think it will go well.


This week starts one of my all time favorite TV shows: RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have watched it from the very beginning (Hey Porkchop!) and over the years I have done parties, dress in drag, and basically been obsessed with the show from moment one. This weekend will be the opening episode for the 9th Season and I CANNOT WAIT. I will not dress up for the Premier, but I am considering a party this year for the Finale…. choices choices.


And Finally, the Blog here. Over the last few months, I have been working on this space, and I will admit, I am liking it. It has really helped to start writing more and in a longer form than Facebook, so I am really glad I was nudged into doing it. While I do tend to stick to my daily news stuff (which gives me a small, but steady number of readers), I want to expand into more topics. I tend to dip my toe into Trump matters here and there, and I write a lot about the weight loss journey… but I feel I need to start doing a little more. Maybe more personal stuff, maybe more news about one thing at a time (Maybe focus on the upcoming New Zealand Elections, or Australian Politics, or even the South Korea Impeachment and election going on right now… or I can even do Ru Reviews!) I have a few ideas, so keep watching this space. Thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated!




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