News Roundup: March 22

Good morning, today is Wednesday, March 22nd and there are the stories that interest me.

The United States seems to be set on restricting Multiple Middle Eastern Airlines from  allowing passengers to check any electronic device larger than a mobile phone on flights to the US.  The rule, sent out by Homeland Security prohibits people from carrying laptops, cameras, or any electronic device larger than a cellphone from being in the Cabin from 6 countries: Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The TSA announced the changes today, though airlines were given information on Monday to start enacting the policy. The UK has also just announced a similar ban though it affects a wider range of airlines since many domestic carriers travel to one of the 8 countries listed in the order. None of these countries are apart of Travel Executive Order initiated by President Trump and is considered unrelated from the Travel Ban.

It is a big week for Rivers this week as two more Rivers are given Human Legal status, today, the Rivers Ganga and Yamuna in India has been given Human Legal status to protect the river from pollution. People found polluting the river could be charged with hurting a human being. It seems like moves of this nature may happen in other places in the world with an emphasis on protecting and saving the rivers.

Ethiopia has announced three days of mourning after a landslide in a rubbish/trash heap left over 115 people dead. The disaster happened 5 days ago in the Capital of Addis Ababa. the landfill, the only one in the growing city, is also home to people who use the landfill to scrounge for recycle metal and other materials to sell. Concerns over the landfill have been rising in recent years as the city grew and more people found themselves living on the edge, and on the land heap. There are still an estimated 80 people who are still missing.

And that is news from me! See you tomorrow!





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