News Roundup: March 21

Good morning, today is Tuesday, March 21st, and here are the stories that interest me.

The first out Transgender man has been elected in Japan. Tomoya Hosoda, who transitioned in 2015 , was elected to a local city councillor last week. While several Transwomen, including New Zealand’s Georgina Beyer  have been elected to government, this is the first time a Transman has been elected and being the second transgendered person elected to office in Japan.

The private phone numbers of current and former Australian politicians have been discovered on a Australian Government Website.  The numbers, found on a report on the website, was supposed to be redacted, however the numbers were still accessible if you copied the content. The information has been available for three months and the government is blaming the Website provider for the mishap.

Two high level Executives of Uber have announced they are leaving the company. While leaving for different reasons, the changes are the latest woes for the ride sharing company. These will mark the 5th and 6th high level employees leaving Uber. the company has faced a tough year with allegations of rampant sexual harassment within the company, with several women coming forward with stories as well as tension between the company and drivers over payouts. The company is currently in an internal investigation being led by former Attorney General Eric Holder.

And with that, enjoy your day!

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