News Roundup: March 20

Good morning, today is Monday, March 20th and here are the stories that interest me.

A US Diplomat has been expelled from New Zealand after invoking Diplomatic Immunity after an incident. After an incident on March 12th near Wellington, Colin White refused to submit to questioning by police and invoke Immunity. While Diplomats are able to invoke immunity due to the 1961 Vienna Convention, however,  New Zealand’s foreign ministry said it makes it “clear with all diplomatic missions in New Zealand that it expects foreign diplomats to abide by New Zealand law, and to waive immunity… if there are allegations of serious crimes.” Currently there isn’t a permanent Ambassador to New Zealand after the last Ambassador was recalled following the inauguration of Donald Trump.

Numerous Brazilian meat producers have been alleged to be exporting and selling spoiled met and poultry for years, leading to the suspension of 33 government officials.  The scandal comes a large scale operation went into effect, finding numerous cases of bribery of inspectors and politicians in order to keep unhygienic practices from being discovered with spoiled meat being exported to Europe and other places in the world. Over 40 incidents were discovered during the sweep, and now the Brazilian government is trying to calm foreign countries considering sanctions on the companies. Brazil is the world’s largest exporter of red meat.

French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has signaled the he will attempt to bring back conscription of French youth due to face a “world of turbulence.” The Presidential hopeful, the current favorite to win the election, wants upwards of 600,000 youths annually pressed into conscription to meet the new threats facing France, which Macron said included Islamic terrorism, Russian interference, and US unpredictability.



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