News Roundup: March 17

Good Morning, today is Friday, March 17th and here are the stories that interest me.

Aid Agencies in Yemen are calling it “The point of no return” as 17 million people are facing famine conditions in the war torn country. With the civil war (aided by other countries such as Saudi Arabia) have made it harder and harder for food aid to reach the famine threatened areas. Agencies are calling for more help and supplies.

The Queen of England has given her approval of the Article 50 Bill, that will allow the UK to initiate Brexit. The Bill was passed by Parliament after the courts stipulated that a vote had to be explicit made on the action. The May Government plans to initiate the EU withdrawal by the end of this month.

Somali Pirates have released an Oil Tanker without ransom after the Somali marine force traded fire with the vessel. The Sri Lankan ship was the first ship to be hijacked since 2012, was hijacked on Monday, and proved to be an early test for the new Putland Government, who was elected only last month. While piracy has been reduced in the region, there are still quite a few pirates operating in the region.

A French Teenager opened fire at his High School is Southeastern France, injuring 4. It was quickly established that this is not a politically motivated event was linked to bad relationships within the student and others in the school as well as a fascination with guns and US Massacres. The event comes as France is gearing up for its own election season and many are worried about ISIS-inspired attacks ahead of the election.

Alright, that is all for me for the week! I am heading out of town, so I will see you Sunday on the News Roundup, but I may post a time or two on other stuff. Until then, have an amazing weekend.

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