News Roundup: March 13th

Good morning, today is Monday, March 13th, and here are the stories that interest me.

Last Friday, the Constitutional Court of South Korea upheld the Impeachment order of President Park Geun-hye, dismissing her from the position and announcing a fresh election in 60 days. This is the first time that a democratically elected South Korean President has been forcibly removed from office. This comes after allegations of corruption and salacious rumors of the President being controlled by a cultist leader. With her losing the Presidential seat, she is no longer immune from legal prosecution for allegations President Park has steadfastly denied.

Relations between the Netherlands and Turkey has taken a nosedive this weekend as Turkish Officials have been barred from the country. Earlier in the week, Turkish officials traveled to Germany to host rallies ahead of Turkey’s Presidential Powers Referendum next month without Germany’s knowledge. The Netherlands then barred a plane with Turkish officials from landing, and has barred a Minister from entering the country by land, meeting her prior to her arrival to the Consulate. Turkish rallies have been banned in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands for both security concerns, as well as legal concerns.  Both Netherlands and Turkey are facing pivotal elections in the coming weeks and this situation will boil at both of them. Denmark has requested that the Turkish PM delay his upcoming trip to the country as a result of this incident.

New hope for a cure for a transmittable cancer killing the Tasmanian Devil. The treatment, which uses cancer cells to kill other cancer cells has shown great promise in the studies it has had with the Devils. The disease, which has a 100% kill rate, has devastates the Tasmanian Devil population since it was first discovered over twenty years ago.




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