News Roundup: March 10th

Good Morning, today is Friday March 10th, and here are the stories that interest me.

A South African man has successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean in an stand up paddleboard. The man crossed the Ocean in 93 days, setting off from Morocco in a custom built 20 foot long board for the trip. He managed to travel mostly during night and averaged about 30 miles a day on the trip. The last attempt to cross the Atlantic in a paddle board ended after one week.

Scotland looks poised to hold a second Independence Referendum as polls show a 50/50 split on the idea. The independence movement has been gaining steam as Brexit talks have continued in Westminster, and the latest polls now have the decision split 50/50. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stated that an autumn 2018 referendum is “highly likely” at this point. Also many Scottish feel that PM Teresa May is not looking out for Scotland, which voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, during the Brexit talks.

In an update from a story a couple of weeks ago, Belarus has suspended the Tax aimed at people who do not work more than 183 days a year. The tax has come under scrutiny in the worsening economic situation in Belarus, with the largest protests in 6 years happening in the last month. Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has said that the Tax is not repealed, but only suspended this year as they try and work out changes. Often referred to as “The Parasite Tax” the law stipulated that if a person is not working more than 183 days, they must pay a tax to the government.

And finally, an International group of Scientists have announced that they have figured out an efficient method of synthesizing a significant portion of a yeast’s genetic code. In  7 papers published to Nature magazine, the group believes that it will be able to recreate a complete yeast genome by the end of the year. The goal is to reproduce a complex living organism completely in the lab. This will also open up opportunities for development into making better yeast for a variety of products.

And with that, I hope you all have a great Friday.

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