News Roundup: March 8

Good morning, today is Wednesday, March 8th and here are the stories that interest me.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel has asked for calm after Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan accused the country for “Nazi practices” after banning Pro-Erdogan rallies ahead of a Referendum expanding Erdogan’s powers. “Nazi comparisons are always absurd and out of place, because they only lead to trivialising of the Nazis’ crimes against humanity,” said Merkel. Other politicians pushed back hard against Erdogan, who is seen by many to be consolidating his power towards a dictatorship.

Poachers has broken into a French Zoo and killed a 4 year old White Rhino, removing his horn. In a first of its kind attack in Europe, the Poachers broke in and shot the Rhino, then proceeded to remove one of its horns. The act, described a “Odious” and of “Extreme Violence” has left the zoo community shocked. There is an estimated 21,000 White Rhino’s still living in the wild.

Wikileaks has purportedly released details of the CIA’s hacking tools, exposing the spy agencies methods of surveillance. The leak, exposing tools such as Malware that targets most operating systems, as well as work to help compromise Samsung TVs to recording and sending audio to a third location. The UK Home office, which it’s intelligence agency GCHQ was also implicated, and the CIA are not commenting on the release of information.

In the wake of Kim Jong-nam’s murder and investigation in Malaysia, North Korea has closed its border to Malaysians, and also forbidding 11 Malaysians from leaving the country. Malaysia has not accused North Korea directly of  assassinating Kim Jong-Un’s half brother with a VX nerve agent, but most experts and outsiders agree that the country was involved. North Korea denies the allegations, and has ratcheted up tensions ever since. Both Countries have expelled the other’s ambassadors, as well as Malaysia rescinding visas from the asian Country.

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