News Roundup: March 7

Good Morning, today is Tuesday, March 7th, and here are the stories that interest me.

Riot, the Video Game company that brought you League of Legends has one a lawsuit over a cheating company. The company would allow bots to play and win League of Legends games and then sell them to players. The company violated Riot’s anti-Cheating rules and is now forced to pay $10 Million dollars and turn over it’s website to Riot. This has far reaching ramifications across the gaming world.

North Korea has stepped up its Missile testing program, launching more missiles this past weekend into the Sea of Japan. Experts say that North Korea is building faster, and becoming more sophisticated in their deployments and weapons. Regional countries have condemned the move, but is also seen as another test for the young Trump Administration.

New Zealand’s National Government has introduced a change to their party policy to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 beginning in 2035, affecting every Kiwi under the age of 45. The National Party made the announcement yesterday and has brought widespread response from across the political spectrum. Labor and Greens have attacked the policy. and the Maori Party wants the access to Superannuation lowered since Maori and Pacific Islanders have lower life expectancy. This will definitely form the first part of National’s re-election platform later this year.

And that is the news for me today!

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