The weekend Mr. Trump went off the rails

Over the last couple of weeks, the Trump Administration has been stymied by the Russia Connection Allegations. In what I call “Russian Thursday” Several damning reports from the media have surfaced about the Trump Campaign’s meeting with the Russian ambassador and other people several times. Last Thursday’s bombshell has left Mr. trump fuming. Having lost the good news week from his Speech on Tuesday, (Which honestly, if him reading from a teleprompter marks his best news day since the Supreme Court Nomination a month ago, then… what are you celebrating?), and Sessions recused himself from any Russia investigation, Trump retired to Mar-a-lago for the 4th time in 6 weeks and proceed to scream on twitter to anyone who will hear.

His rants are getting tiresome. One can almost time their watches to them as soon as one of his cable shows says something he doesn’t like or understand. The fact that Trump Tower has been bugged by the FBI is a very interesting development. It says that the FBI (and the courts) has enough evidence to proceed with the wiretapping, meaning that there may be something to all the smoke around the Russia Collusion. Now, in the last months of the Campaign, Slate published an article about Trump Campaign having intermittent, but continual contact with a Russian Bank. The story was swatted down quickly by a number of organisations, but it is important that the knowledge of the FISA warrant was made in that article. In other words… this is not new developments. While I am still somewhat skeptical that this particular story is dead, (I don’t feed into conspiracy theories, but I have my doubts about this), it does show that Trump is not getting the information he should be.

Also, him blaming Obama? Seriously? If Obama wanted to get Trump, there are myriads of ways he could have done it. It was remarkable (and rage inducing from many liberals) that the President kept developments quiet, and maintained that separation of Commander-in-chief, and Political Campaigner.

The reaction from Capitol Hill has been somewhat expected. People calling for Trump to explain his remarks, Trump doubles down on remarks with no evidence, and we all just kinda… move on. Trump demands an investigation, but with no evidence he will provide (much like his massive 3 million voter fraud claim) people will just move on, allowing him to scream at clouds in the sky, and continuing their own agenda. That in itself is infuriating as the GOP want to investigate the leaks, and the sources and not the allegations themselves. All they are doing is enabling the President to become more unhinged.

The tweets this weekend also betray his limited information circles, as well as his inability to understand the office of the President. In the last 6 weeks, he has stumbled, bumbled, yelled, and tweeted his way into the most disorganised Administration in Modern History. The only two weekends he has spent in Washington were weekends required to stay in Washington (The Inaugural weekend and Speaking at CPAC in DC), never mind the promises he has broken from the campaign trail, never mind all the lies he has spouted off, or the crackpot tweets he has sent out, he is just not up to the job, and it seems everyone knows it but him.

One thought on “The weekend Mr. Trump went off the rails

  1. From the ground here in the states, I’m sad and frustrated to report that your last sentence is actually quite incorrect. It should instead read: “…he is just not up to the job, and it seems everyone knows it but him and the 40% of Americans who voted for him who refuse to believe any negative thing said about him because literally the only thing they seem to care about is that the White House has a white guy [infrequently] occupying it again.”


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