News Roundup: March 6

I had a wonderful weekend off, however, today is Monday, March 6, I am back with the stories that interest me.

Tensions are rising between Germany and Turkey as two Germany Federal States bans rallies for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Turkey is in the process of a referendum election to expand Erdoğan’s power over the country. With many Turkish nationals living in Germany, Erdoğan has tried to hold rallies for support of the referendum. Germany has banned the rallies due to Erdoğan’s cracking down on free journalism, with the arrest of a Turkish-German journalist being the flashpoint for the decision. Merkel spoke against the bans earlier in the week, but two states have withdrawn their approval of the rallies. Erdoğan has said that Nazism in Germany is back.

Notorious Elephant hunter, known as “Shetani” or “The Devil” has been jailed for 12 years. He was captured back in 2015 for smuggling ivory out of the country to China. He and his brothers were sentenced along side him. He had been smuggling and killing elephants for many years, and was the documentary, “The Ivory Game.”

110 people have died in the last 24 hours due to famine and diarrhea in Somalia said officials. The drought, which has been ongoing from 2011, has started to accelerate as other regions are now starting to feel the effects of the drought. Aid workers have been calling the alarm in several countries: South Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia as conditions worsen.


A Couple weeks ago, I spoke about Ecuador’s Election. With the first round complete and no one winning outright, the top two candidates are now running in a Presidential Runoff. Ruling Party candidate Lenín Moreno is now running behind Guillermo Lasso, who has pledged to evict Jullian Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. In his latest statements, Lasso has reiterated that he wants Assange out, but would work with other countries to secure his safe passage elsewhere. No word on how to transport Assange out of the Embassy as the UK authorities are still waiting to apprehend him in connection with a sexual misconduct charges in Sweden.  Moreno will not speculate if the Assange issue was the reason for his party to not gain an outright victory in last month’s first run election.

And that is all I have today, Happy Monday!

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