What will become the Tipping Point? Part 2

Last week, I wrote about the exploding issues of the Trump Campaign at the end of the week. And it seems that Friday (Thursday in America) has become Russian leak day in the US Government. It has come out that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been caught in a political lie: After testifying under oath that he had not had contact with Russia during the Presidential Campaign, it has been revealed that he has spoken to the Russian Ambassador *twice* during the campaign.

This of course has sparked a firestorm in Washington.

The Leading Democrats piled on, demanding his Resignation. The GOP is split on what he should do. Several Republicans has called for Sessions to recuse himself from the ongoing Russian investigation. Others have said, including Speaker Ryan, that Sessions should decide for himself wether to recuse himself.

Alright, so I think the question needs to be asked now. Who in Trump’s administration HASN’T had contact with the Russians during the Presidential Campaign. Last week, it was Preibus trying to squash rumors, a week before that it was Trump’s Lawyer in contact with Russia, a couple weeks before that it was Flynn and his contacts with Russia, during the campaign, it was Manafort. How many times do we find out there are these Russian links, and then go, “I don’t know how Russia was involved…”At this point it should be pretty obvious that the smoke has some merit to the allegations, and honestly, as I said last week, we need to look at the entire Administration being compromised by this scandal. At this point, nothing they say about the Russian situation can be trusted. Sessions lied under oath, (and being the top law enforcer… great look America), Flynn lied, Manafort lied, everyone has lied to cover up *something* and we need to know what that something is.

Some have said that this is the Liberal Conspiracy theory de jur, but honestly, there is too much evidence to call this a conspiracy. The GOP is slowly killing itself but continuing to align with Trump and covering his actions. They want to Repeal Obamacare, but they can’t even get that off the ground. Trump keeps pushing back his revised “travel ban” because he wants it to “have its own news cycle” (in reality, I suspect it is because they can’t get around the courts yet). The GOP is starting to split on the issue and they will continue to do so until it is resolved, and but the looks of it… that will take a long time.

So when is the Tipping Point? It wasn’t last week, it is not this week…. so when?

That being said, Trump may have given Session the kiss of Death, saying “He has total Confidence in Sessions” with words like that, I suspect a 4pm Friday Resignation in the offing.

Update: It looks like Sessions has recused himself from the Investigation. and now Kushner was in at least one meeting with Flynn with the Russian Ambassador. Lets see what else happens today.

2 thoughts on “What will become the Tipping Point? Part 2

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