News Roundup: March 3

Good Morning, today is Friday, March 3rd, and here are the stories that interest me.

Sweden has reinstitute a compulsory draft of all eligible men and women into the military, citing heightened tensions with Russia and Europe.  Sweden has had issue staffing Military units on voluntary enlistment, and Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist wants to reverse the trend. Currently, the plan is to draft 4,000 18 years old’s and will affect people born after 1999. This will mark a small minority of people 18 years old. Sweden, which is not an EU country, is upgrading its military due to Russia’s newfound aggression, and tensions rising in the EU.

Amazon blames human error for the massive cloud disruption on Tuesday. A Command to shut down a series of servers ended up closing far more than the company expected, leading to the three and a half hour disruption for many websites and apps around the world.

Catalans are preparing to hold an independence vote later this year in Spain. The regions foreign representative  Raul Romeva said they region will hold the vote with or without the agreement from the national Government. Both the Government and the Courts have called any independence vote illegal in the Constitution. The wealthy northeast region has its out language and culture, and has long had a strong separatist movement. Romeva and the pro-independence groups are seeing this move as a way to force Madrid’s hand in negotiating a way for the Catalans over self-determination.

And with that, have a good day!

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