News Roundup: March 2

Good Morning, it is Thursday, March 2, and here are the stories that interest me.

Russian forces have bombed US backed forces in Syria. In a now developing story, the Russians claim a “Highly complicated battlefield,” as their excuse for bombing the US advised forces. The Syrian Arab Coalition has reported that they have sustained casualties, and the Russian planes have cut off their airstrikes once they were notified of the situation. However, US forces were within three miles of the strike. There has been no word from the White House at this time. Consider this a developing story.

The City of Wellington is looking for a few good IT people, and they will pay you to come interview with them in New Zealand. Wellington has launched an initiative named “LookSee Wellington” to recruit 100 candidates around the globe to help develop the tech industry in the city. While the article is mostly about how great it is to live in Wellington (And honestly, it is a fantastic city), the city is trying to raise it tech image in the world by enticing talent to help develop in the island nation. If selected, you will be paid flights and accomodation to interview and view the city.

The City of Madrid has banned a Catholic Anti-Trans Bus from the city. Catholic group, Hazte Oir (Make yourself Heard) has been touring the bus around the city, and was confiscated by the City of Madrid for breaching rules on outside advertising. Several city politicians have spoken against the bus as promoting a hate campaign and the bus being “Contrary to the Dignity and rights of Transsexual Children.” It has also been referred as “The Bus of Shame.” The group has protested, citing that they are only stating a fact of biology that is studied in schools” and they have a right to protest against “laws of sexual indoctrination” and the right to freedom of speech.

The Bus was to take a tour around Spain, with the City of Barcelona strongly protesting against it coming to their city. The mayor saying on Twitter, “In Barcelona there is no place for LGBT-phobic buses. We want our children to grow in freedom and without hatred.”

And that is the news from me, I hope you all have a great day!

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