Entering the world of Pureed Foods

With the next two weeks of my life eating pureed food, It was the thing I was most dreading. Pureed food doesn’t sound appetising… at all. When I hear pureed food, I think terrible baby food that I will have to choke down if I want any nutrients. Also, getting away from broth and soup sounded like a good idea.

Last week, a good friend of mine suggested trying a New Zealand company, The Pure Food Co.  Now I should say right now, I am not paid for this review, and they have no clue I am doing this, (just for journalistic integrity and all that).

So I decided to try it, because… what do I have to lose?

Going onto their site, it was pretty straight forward: They create small packets (100grams) of pureed foods for the elderly and for people after bariatric surgery. Their range (to me at least) is pretty impressive. They cover a range of meats/protiens, as well as veggies and even some carbs. The goal is to keep a healthy diet, while also being flavorful. In looking through their options, I would say I could try any one of them (except the Fish Pie, because… I am not a seafood person… yes, I live on an Island and don’t eat seafood). They have a Bariatric special, 18 packets, focused solely on the Protein range, for 60 dollars, AND it is delivered to your door.  Sweet! Right now, I am not barely eating 150grams of food as it is, so 18 packets will go a long way. So I decided to sign up and order the Bariatric Pack… with a note for NO FISH PIE (shutter).

A couple of days later, the courier came and delivered the packets. They were cold, and unpacking I saw what my meals for the pureed weeks would largely consist of:

  • Beef Bolognese
  • Golden Chicken
  • Lamb Casserole
  • Roast Lamb
  • Golden Chicken
  • Hickory Pork

Getting three packets of each, I knew I was committed to these flavors.

Last night, remembering the Banana Smoothie disaster of the day before, decided to go with the Golden Chicken Puree. Since my Husband was making Chicken Stir fry I figured it would be nice to have something similar to him, and it would make me miss the stir fry less. As I said, the packets are 100 grams, so I opened up the package and put the contents (which look like a cross between baby food and soft puppy poo) into a cup. I heated it up in the microwave, and I decided to put a tiny bit of the stir fry sauce into the concoction.

First bite: “Wow, this does taste like chicken…. but holy hell its bland”

I go back, and added some salt and pepper… ok, a fair amount of salt and pepper, and a *little* more sauce from the stirfry. (Not a lot, less than 5 mils in total, but it was enough). For the next hour, I nursed that 100 grams of food, and I will say, it was pretty good! It is not something I would want to eat long term at this part of my life, but I found it flavorful, and really good. At the end, I knew I was finished but I wasn’t bursting full (which makes me more confident that I just had too much of the Banana Smoothie and I should have had less to avoid that aftermath) .

The Chicken actually tasted like chicken, and while I could taste some of the other spices in the puree (They has Salt, Thyme, Lemon Juice, and Bay leaves)  I knew I needed more in the way of taste. The Stir Fry sauce helped immensely, but I know that will not be a normal thing. Honestly, for what I am looking for, this is perfect, and I would pretty much recommend it to others who are in a similar situation as I am. I think the Pure Food Co has done a good job, and if I were not staying away from carbs, I would definitely try their other stuff.

Also, I kinda like that they want to make good food for older people. It isn’t something people thing about much, but I think it is great that they use real ingredients, few preservatives or additives (they have a couple, but nothing overwhelming), and they are very health conscious. This will make my Puree fortnight a bit more manageable.

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