News Roundup: February 28

Good Morning, today is Tuesday, February 28, and here are the stories that interest me.

According to Reports, UK Prime Minister Teresa May is posed to cut off automatic EU residency once Article 50 is triggered. In reports, EU Citizens currently residing in the UK will be exempt from the ruling, but EU Citizens arriving in the UK after Article 50 is Triggered will need to apply for a visa once Brexit is finalised. This comes as companies, such as BMW is considering moving plants to the European mainland in response to Britain living the EU single market.

The 51 year old man accused of shooting 2 Indian Engineers and killing one in Kansas is due in court today. The incident has drawn worldwide attention as details of the murder has come to light. The accused, a US Navy Veterans has been quoted as saying “Go back to your country” to the victims shortly before shooting them. A witness did intervene and try to stop the man and was also injured as a result. Indian are becoming more reluctant to travel to the US for study and work with the threat of greater violence due to their ethnicity. Currently, the Trump Administration has not said anything of the incident.

Ten Asian countries, as well as China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand are trying to work out a new trade deal in the wake of the TPP collapse. The trade deal, covering half the world’s population and a third of all trade, has accelerated in the wake of the US effectively killing the TPP. Began in 2013 as a response to the TPP, the RCEP is using US protectionism as a fulcrum to seal the deal. Part of the deal also helps build Infrastructure to the region as well as cutting tarrifs. The new deal does not go into environmental concerns, nor does it look at Intellectual property and labor standards.

A huge crater in Siberia has been growing due to melting permafrost. The crater, named the Batagaika crater was created in the 1960’s due to deforestation, is currently 1km wide and 86 meters deep. It offers a rare glimpse into the world’s climate past and is a boon for researchers. However, it does portend some worry from climate scientist as the crater has grown quickly in the last few years with an annual growth of 10-30 meters per year and is continuing to do so. Similar craters have begun to form across Siberia as global temperatures warm, releasing carbon and methane into the atmosphere as a result.

And that is it for today, I hope everyone has a good one.


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